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Farmers' Market Tool Kit

As we embark on another market season and reflect on last year, I have many new and potential vendors ask, “What do I need to I need to get started as a vendor at market?”

With that being asked/said….

Allen County Farmers' Market has put together a checklist for new vendors to assist them in getting ready for market season. Hopefully you will find this beneficial. We welcome your feedback.

Farmers’ Market Start-up Supply Check-List

-Table(s) 4,6 foot



-Scale (certified)if selling produce

-Product signage

-Business name signage

-Cash box/receptacle

-Extra cash/change/calculator

-Baskets/boxes for displays

-Plastic/paper bags for product


-Business cards (if available)

-Licenses ALL POSTED

-Inventory list

-Apron w/pockets if wanted

-First aid kit

-Extra price tags

-Cooler required for eggs or extra produce or baked goods

-TOOL KIT: duct tape, tacks, multi tool, twine, zip ties, scissors/etc.

-Sand bags/weights

-Wet wipes or paper towels




Hand sanitizer

Lip balm

Cooling towel

Extra clothes, IE jacket or t-shirt

Comfortable shoes, dress in layers/for weather.

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