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-Leaha Young

Adorably Cute Creations sells hand crocheted and embroidered items for babies, kitchen, bath, home decor, accessories and sport items. Leaha also sells handmade soaps.

-Alicia Craft

Alicia first began creating items as a hobby, then was encouraged to start selling her items. She began selling at the end of 2022. Alicia makes handcrafted wreaths, embellished signs, table décor, goddess and princess crowns, tote bags and candy bouquets. Along with selling at the Allen County Farmers’ Market, she also sells off Facebook, by word of mouth and at craft fairs. Alicia views the farmer’s market as a rewarding venture because she loves having the community interaction with local neighbors. The items Alicia makes are all one of a kind, handmade designs. Although some of her items may look similar, they are all just a little different: just like everyone of us! If you want to learn more about Alicia’s Crafts or have questions regarding her business, Alicia can be reached at

Alicia's Crafts.jpeg

-Julie Aubert

Julie sells her fresh jam & jelly, homemade soap and craft items at Allen County Farmers' Market. If you want to learn more about Aubert Acres or have questions regarding the business, Julie can be reached at

Aubert Acres.jpeg

-Betty Cunningham

Betty sells her homemade crafts and baked goods at the Allen County Farmers' Market. She says her cinnamon rolls are her best seller!!

-Eric and April Castle

Castle Farms Fresh Meats is located in Pleasanton, Kansas on 25 acres. They raise their hogs out in the timber. The Castles first became involved in farmers’s markets in 2017 when they began selling at Louisburg. When they first started their business, they had spare hogs and decided to butcher 12 of them. Fast forward to today, the Castles are now butchering over 100 hogs a year. This year, they are also raising 1,300 meat birds. The Castles now sell at five markets a week with their three kids. On top of selling at five markets a week, they also sell off Facebook, at Pleasanton Food Fair and off their website. Along with offering pork and chicken, they also sell lard, jerky and seasoning. If you want to learn more about Castle Farms Fresh Meats or have questions regarding their business, you can contact Eric and April at

Castle Farm Fresh Meats.jpeg

-Deb Goff

Deb sells eggs, baked goods and fresh produce at the Allen County Farmers' Market.

-Ron Smail

Ron sells his fresh honey at the Allen County Farmers' Market.

-Ashton and Merinda Heck

Heck Farms is a locally independent grower and marketer of home grown, fresh and high-quality produce.

-Deb Mazankowski

Maz's Produce sells their fresh produce at the Allen County Farmers' Market.


-Miles and Jennifer Mentzer

Mentzer Family Farm is a 3.5 acre pumpkin farm located 15 minutes northwest of Iola. They began their pumpkin farm in 2020 on 1/2 an acre and are now growing three acres of pumpkins. Mentzer Family Farm sells a variety of specialty pumpkins and winter squash at the Allen County Farmers’ Market. Miles and Jennifer enjoy selling at the farmer’s market to be a part of their local community. They also love seeing kids’ excitement when they see pumpkins they are not used to seeing. If you want to learn more about Mentzer Family Farm or have questions regarding their business, you can contact Miles and Jennifer at

Mentzer Family Farm

-Myron Rush

Myron sells his hand crafted hickory/oak/walnut bowls at the Allen County Farmers' Market.

-Calvin Parker

Parkers Greenhouse's mission is to grow the best produce in Allen County, home grown, hand-picked and sold directly to you - from our family to yours. Calvin sells his produce at the Allen County Farmers' Market and off the farm. 

-Kelly and Thaddeus Perry

-George and Rita Arnold

The Arnold’s first began Arnold’s Greenhouse in 1977 as a hobby with a 10’X16’ greenhouse. Over the years, their hobby grew to a 60,000 square foot garden center and a major wholesale grower. They sold Arnold’s Greenhouse in 2018. After selling Arnold’s Greenhouse, George began Prairie Storm Recreations as a retirement hobby. He started out doing blacksmithing, then he and Rita decided to add vegetables and now they do plants in the spring as well. George and Rita are a major grower for Botanica in Wichita and enjoy coming to the Allen County Farmer’s Market. They enjoy growing flowering and vegetable plants in the spring and seasonal garden produce in the summer. If you want to learn more about Prairie Storm Recreations or have questions regarding their business, you can contact George and Rita at

-Shiloh Bowman

Shiloh began Shiloh’s Sourdough two years ago because her mom likes healthy cooking. Her business is in Westphalia. Shiloh sells sourdough bread, cinnamon bread, cinnamon rolls, monster cookies and large handmade hot pads at the Allen County Farmers’ Market. Shiloh enjoys selling her products at the Allen County Farmers’ Market because she enjoys interacting with people. One thing Shiloh wants customers to know about her is that she is 14 years old!

-Duwayne and Debbie Bearden

Duwayne and Debbie both grew up in farm families who processed their own meat for the family table. As the Bearden’s raised their own children, they have continued to raise their own beef and chickens to provide their family with the highest quality grass-fed and finished meat products. For over 40 years, they have been selecting bulls and cows for the genetics to produce the highest quality meats to sell at Taste T Farm. The Bearden’s sell beef and microgreens at the Allen County Farmers’ Market. They also sell their products at the Chanute Downtown Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays and by appointment from their farm. The meat and vegetables customers receive from Taste T Farm are grown under the watchful eye of farmers who are growing for their family along with the customers they sell to. If you want to learn more about Taste T Farm or have questions regarding their business, Duwayne and Debbie can be reached at


-Teri and Michael Hamilton

The Hamilton’s Artisan Bakery is a cottage bakery located in Fort Scott, Kansas. A friend encouraged Teri and Michael to bring their bakery experience to the farmer’s market. They began selling their products in April of 2022 in Fort Scott. They are excited to join the Allen County Farmers’ Market this year. Some of the items they have to offer include original sourdough, roasted garlic and rosemary sourdough, raisin cinnamon and cranberry walnut sourdough, focaccia, pretzels, bagels, biscotti, scones, galettes, cinnamon rolls, seasonal fruit Danish, French loaves, rolls, sandwich bread and strudels. Along with selling at the Allen County Farmers’ Market, they also sell at the Fort Scott and Nevada Markets. They also do special orders and sell from their square site and on Facebook during the off season. Teri and Michael love the special event feel that comes with selling at the farmers’ market. They also enjoy seeing the same customers each week. One thing Teri and Michael want you to know about their business is that everything is sourdough! If you want to learn more about The Hamilton’s Artisan Bakery or have questions regarding their business, Teri and Michael can be reached at

The Hamilton's Artisan Bakery.png

-Krystle, Eric, Amy, Idabelle and Merope Williams

Three Sisters at Meadowlown’s name comes from their three daughters and the original name given to their property back in 1923, when the home was built. “Three Sisters” also comes from a planting method that helps plants naturally thrive together. The Three Sisters at Meadowlown offer eggs from a variety of chickens, cherry tomatoes of all colors, squashes and they are hoping to offer okra. Krystle considers the farmer’s market a rewarding venture. She describes herself as being a giving person and would rather trade and share than buy products. She also enjoys knowing what her family is eating and where it came from. Something that is unique about the Three Sisters at Meadowlown is they try to use natural methods as much as possible. They use companion planting, pest-deterring flowers, native pollinator plants nearby, organic fertilizers and pest reducing methods instead of using a lot of chemicals. If you want to learn more about Three Sisters at Meadowlown or have questions regarding their business, they can be reached at

-Terri Johnson

Terri sells the following products at the Allen County Farmers’ Market---Jordan Essentials

-Sugar Shack Country Candle Company 

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